Introduction to the WASC Official / Scrutineer Development Framework

Introduction to the WASC Official / Scrutineer Development Framework


Officials and Scrutineers play a vital role in the sport of speedway. In 2015, WASC undertook a review of its Official and Scrutineer Training Programs and associated delivery systems. As a result of this Review, WASC has modernised its Official and Scrutineer Development Framework and Training Programs to deliver best practice education and development opportunities to all WASC Officials and Scrutineers. The new Official and Scrutineer Development Framework (OSDF) and associated Training Programs align with the WASC Driver Development Pathway, ensuring Officials and Scrutineers are trained and supported to provide officiating / scrutineering services which meet the needs of drivers in specific phases of development and in specific racing environments.

The WASC OSDF has been built on the following 4 guiding principles:

Driver insights

Drivers before courses


The officiating workforce mirrors participant needs

•It is based oninsights into the drivers the officials will be working with –this includesconsideration of the age, experience & capabilities, stages of development and reasons for participating. •It guides thetraining programs for all officials and scrutineers. This is a departure from previous ideas that the training of officials / scrutineers should follow a pre-determined curriculum with limited consideration of the needs of participants. •The Official /Scrutineer Training Program Pathway has multiple points of entry and cross-over. •WASC’sunderstanding of the distribution and number of drivers, officials and scrutineers is key to our official / scrutineer workforce planning.

The WASC Official and Scrutineer Development Model

Following the Australian Sports Commission’s redesign of the National Sporting Organisation Guidelines for Officials’ Training Programs, the WASC Official and Scrutineer Development Model incorporates 2 key elements:

WASC Driver Development Pathway

The WASC Driver Development Pathway (DDP) has been designed by blending the best / most relevant aspects from various Participant / Athlete Development Models, as they relate to the specific needs of current and future WASC drivers.

WASC DDP intended outcomes

WASC DDP – An Overview

DDP Alignment with Official / Scrutineer Training Programs

Ideal attributes of WASC Officials / Scrutineers working with drivers in the F1-3 Phases of Development: