LEVEL 4: Trainee Scrutineer

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Welcome to the Western Australian Speedway Commission (WASC) Trainee Scrutineer Training Program. This resource has been developed by WASC to guide the delivery of contemporary and flexible professional development for people entering the WASC Scrutineer development pathway – i.e. those wanting to fulfil the role of Trainee Scrutineer. WASC thanks you for your commitment to our sport – we hope you enjoy your journey through the Trainee Scrutineer Training Program and we look forward to seeing you at the track for many years to come.

Within this resource, you have the opportunity to access information and to complete a number of activities and assessment tasks.
Activities will NOT be assessed, however they are designed to encourage you to think about key concepts and how you may / may not be able to use these as a Trainee Scrutineer. They will also help to ensure you are ready to successfully complete the assessment tasks within this Resource.
Although this resource incorporates some assessment tasks it is important to note, the assessment process is designed to focus primarily on assessment FOR learning, not assessment of learning.

As you progress through the resource, completing activities and assessment tasks as you go, please regularly save your work. If you need help at any time, please email adminassistant@waspeedwaycommission.com.au.

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